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Goji Cream is rapidly penetrating the market for skin care products in the Netherlands. With its many benefits and great features, this cream allows you to get a more beautiful skin without using botox or undergoing plastic surgery. Such interventions are very invasive and take a lot of time to recover. With botox, poisonous substances are injected into the body to make them wrinkle-free. With Goji Cream, you can enjoy the benefits of these interventions without the difficult risks or side effects. It almost seems like a miracle cure when you read all this. What does it look like in practice?

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The market for skin care products is enormous. Demand and supply continues to grow strongly and new products are constantly coming on the market. Every supplier promises to know the secret behind getting a beautiful and radiant skin.

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It is understandable that the question is constantly continuing. After all, everyone wants to look good. Your appearance is your business card, so almost everyone wants to catch up well. Radiant skin is therefore the basis of most care routines. This is not only the case for women, but also for men, who now use skin care products more often. Yes, beautiful skin is high on the priority list of many. After all, you feel more comfortable in your skin when you look good!

A tube Goji Cream costs 49 euros and can only be ordered online, but is it worth it? I've picked it up for you in this review.

As one of the most innovative skin care products in recent years, this cream has many advantages. The beneficial effect it has on the skin is unprecedented, so this little cream can mean the following for you:

The promises mentioned above may seem implausible. Can Goji Cream actually keep these promises? The competing products of well-known brands actually promise the same and link an expensive price tag to them. Skin care is best an investment, where you quickly have to pay more than €100, - for a very small pot. The question then arises if these peppery spreads are worth the investment. To find out, in this case we look at the most important component of Goji Cream: the Goji berry.

The main ingredient of the Goji Cream is the Goji berry. This makes the cream so effective. This berry has several beneficial properties for not only the skin, but also the overall health. You first need to know the strength of this berry well in order to understand why the cream is so very effective.

These berries have been seen as superfood in the western world for some years now. Whereas in the past it was used mainly as a foodstuff, other products are now also being used. The strength of this berry is therefore not a sales fable.

The tremendous advantages of the berries have been known for some time, so it is not surprising that cosmetics companies have started to incorporate them into skin care products. This was a logical step and has only made the use of Goji more popular.

But what makes the Goji berry so unique?

This fruit distinguishes it from the others by its high nutritional value. It even contains more proteins, amino acids and minerals than any other fruit. This makes

the most nutritious type of fruit. It contains no less than 21 different minerals, some of which are rare in food. It is also rich in antioxidants. Here too, it surpasses other fruit and vegetables by containing many more antioxidants. And did you think that citrus fruits like oranges were the best source of vitamin C? Then you would have been wrong. The Goji berry contains 500 times more vitamin C. It contains more iron than spinach and quite a bit beta-carotene.

Originally the berry comes from Mongolia and Tibet, where it is part of the Lycium plant. The Lycium family comes from around 80 different berries. The berry with its acclaimed benefits is called the Lycium Barbarum and which grew in Tibet and Mongolia.

Mass production from China

The modern berries that e comes across in the shops are produced in China. Here mass production of the Lycium Barbarum and other berries from the Lycium family is carried out. In China, the plants grow under unusual conditions that are not comparable to the nutritious places in Tibet and Mongolia. This is why there is a difference between the Lycium Barbarum that grows in Tibet and Mongolia and that of mass production. In China, attempts are being made to produce as many berries as possible at the lowest possible prices. The composition and nutritional value of these berries i

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